Four Awesome Holiday Gift Wrap Pairings

Awesome Gift Wrap Pairings |

One of my most favorite things to do each is pick out my wrapping paper theme. HA! *PAPER NERD ALERT!* Completely re-doing all your holiday decor each year isn’t doable for most, but picking a new and different gift wrap scheme TOTALLY is! You can go trendy. You can go BOLD! You can pick weird colors or traditional colors. It’s the BEST! So I thought I’d round up four of my favorite gift wrap pairings this year in case you needed a little inspo! It was also a great excuse to buy all the wrapping paper I really wanted so… thanks, guys! 😉

Pizza Gift Wrap |

Did I mention your theme should have a name? I call the one above…

Awesome Gift Wrap Pairings |
Awesome Gift Wrap Pairings |

Koosh Ball Gift Topper! |

Let It GLOW!

Awesome Gift Wrap Pairings |
Kanye Wrapping Paper |

Santa, Kanye Hear Me?

Awesome Gift Wrap Pairings |
Reindeer Gift Wrap |

Joy to the (Girl) World

And my five tried and true tips for picking your own theme:

1. Include one traditional holiday color to keep it feeling festive! I consider these to be red, green, gold or silver.
2. Mix patterns big and small. You shouldn’t have all large patterns or all small patterns, mix it up! And when in doubt, add in a solid color! Check the art store if you can’t find a color you like in the gift wrap section.
3. Look beyond the holiday wrap! Check the regular gift wrap section of stores like Target, Michaels and IKEA. They often have great metallic wraps or subtle patterns to complement more festive ones.
4. Dig through the junk drawer or the craft closet for trims! We dug up: honeycombs, pom poms, glitter foam, tinsel and even elastic that we used in place of ribbon! It’s a great way to use up things that have been collecting dust all year.
5. Splurge and save. Pick out one or two “splurge” wraps, from small businesses or artists and pair them with more affordable options from Target or the dollar store. Save the fancy gift wrap for the recipients who are paper freaks like you. 😉 They’ll appreciate it!

What’s your holiday gift wrap style!? Tell me tell me!



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