We’ve gathered 23 enchanting ideas for brides and grooms who consider themselves honorary Hogwarts alumni.

  • 1 Invitations that look like Marauder’s Map.

  • 3 A cute photo op with a Golden Snitch.
  • 4 A reception setup with major Great Hall vibes.
  • 5 A ‘Prisoner of Azkaban’ photo booth.
  • 6 Mugs of butterbeer to keep guests’ thirst quenched.
  • 7 An “always” cake topper.
  • 8 Some quidditch-themed chair signs.
  • 9 A sorting ceremony at the wedding ceremony.
  • 10 Or a sorting ceremony seating chart for the reception.
  • 11 A pair of on-theme pumps for the bride.
  • 12 A bridal bouquet made from Harry Potter book pages.
  • 13 A ring bearer sporting a pair of Potter glasses.
  • 14 A geeked-out photo op with the bridal party.
  • 15 A wedding mani with a Deathly Hallows accent nail.
  • 16 Floating candles like those in the Great Hall.
  • 17 Programs that look like the front page of the Daily Prophet.
  • 18 A golden snitch ring box.
  • 19 A wand to show off the ring.
  • 20 Potterhead cufflinks to jazz up any tux.
  • 21 A 3 Broomsticks sign to display at the bar.
  • 22 Signature cocktails named after various potions.
  • 23 Don’t forget to send your fellow wizards home with a great party favor.

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