Get a Big Bang from your Box Store Bouquet

Big Box Bouquet of flowers

April showers bring May flowers, right? Well, despite that we still have some showers hanging around, I am busting out the flowers this May Day!  I didn’t create any cute May Day baskets to hand on anyone’s door this year, but I can show you how to get the biggest bang for your buck when you pop that big box flower bouquet into your grocery cart, disguising it as a grocery budget item;)…

And don’t tell anyone I gave you that idea! Because maybe I crave flowers as much as I do good food!

And the flower bouquets are so beautiful and reasonably priced at the big box stores. I have arranged quite a few parties-full of arrangements with them, instead of getting custom floral arrangements (sorry, florists).

If you follow a few of my tricks, your home and your parties will be all the happier, full of pretty floral arrangements!

Before you unpack your zillions of dollars worth of jumbo sized groceries, give your stems a quick trim and pop them in a container of water so they can slurp up a big drink.

Box store floral bouquet

Now, some would think their bouquet is ready for the world right now…but please don’t stop here!

Open up your bouquet and lay out the flowers. Organize them by color and by shape, grouping likes together:

floral bunch of spring flowers from store

grocery store floral bouquet

Find several vessels to create your arrangements. They don’t have to be vases; they can be anything that holds water, or anything you can tuck a container of water into. I decided I needed a little sunshine today and gathered my collection of yellow pitchers:

Collection of vintage yellow pitchers.

Arrange each vessel with a different color scheme of your flowers. Cut the stems at the proper height for each vessel. Don’t worry about throwing away the green stuff! They just leave all the ugly stems on so they can display the flowers at the store. Also peel off the ugly leaves. You can certainly add some pretty green later, if you need.

Here’s what went in my trash:

flower bouquet stem rejects.

There’s still plenty left for the pretty!

I decided which colored flowers were going to go in each pitcher, taking the sizes of the flowers into consideration.

And then I took stock of what I could add to each colorway…from my yard and the refrigerator! Yes, you read that right. Because if you have a handy, dandy package of wood skewers that you normally make your grilled kabobs with…anything can be turned into art!

The largest pitcher needed the biggest flowers with the largest leaves, but I still needed some more oomph to fill out the arrangement:

orange and yellow floral bouquet

Some daffodils from the garden and a couple of skewered clementines that were looking pretty sad in the fruit drawer filled out this sunny arrangement! I also snipped a few lilac branches that had just leafed out.

Green flowers with brussel sprouts

The green flowers were a little lonely in their pitcher, so I clipped some hosta leaves from the yard, snipped a few succulent stems from inside the house, and then skewered some brussel sprouts for added texture. It’s a celebration of springtime green!

The purple flowers were begging for some of the wild violets in my yard to join them. I chose the littlest pitchers for these because the violets have such petite stems. I snipped a stem from my ivy and also a couple more hosta leaves for green. Think these two cuties are my favorites:

Wild violets in floral boquet

Purple wild violets in a yellow pitcher.

The three rosy-red carnations in the bunch had me stumped. What could I pair with them to create a pretty arrangement? I snipped a few branches from my red twig bushes and my crabapple tree, and then I remembered the strawberries I’d just bought…

strawberry red floral arrangement

If I would have bought radishes, they would have worked too!

To get the biggest bang from your big box bouquet, nothing is off limits for you to add with them!

Here are my tips for creating all kinds of beautiful arrangements from your one bouquet (that’s in your “groceries” budget):

Tips for maximizing a grocery store bouquet

Five arrangements from one big box bouquet

Happy Floral Arranging!

Big bang from box store bouquet pin


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