Month: September 2017

KILL SHOT: President Trump Just Gave Mitch McConnell Very Bad News Minutes Ago

President Trump just hammered the do-nothing Congress. Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell attacked Trump this week and said that Trump had “excessive expectations” for Congress. Ads by Revcontent Hahahahahahaha. Let’s never let Sen. McConnell forget this line. This guy, right? What a frickin’ joke. Here’s what Trump said:  Follow Donald […]

SHOCK Pro-Trump Billboard. Muslims rose to their feet! You will never believe what happened in this Southern town !!!

A controversial billboard has been put up in support of President Trump’s Travel restrictions Executive Order. It says: “Why support President Trump’s Immigration Ban? 19 MUSLIM IMMIGRANTS KILLED 2,977 AMERICANS September 11, 2001”. It has been met with incredibly mixed reception. Whilst some say that as it is factually accurate, […]