12 Easy-To-Make Fall Table Centerpieces

Make all gatherings at the table special with these inexpensive, unique centerpieces that take no time to set up but leave a forever lasting impression.

Fall is well past the halfway point of its yearly run, but it’s not too late to bring autumnal warmth to your space if you haven’t done it so far. Especially that the season still has plenty of color to warm up the world before it gets icebound for weeks.  Now, what’s the easiest way to give your place a last minute makeover?

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, a fall centerpiece might be the best DIY project to add the seasonal feel to your home. And when you realize how easy it is to spruce up the table with whatever you’ve got at hand, you will want to update the decoration every day!

When it comes to making centerpieces – really attractive ones – neither tight budget nor lack of skill in the DIY department can stop you. Basically, it is enough to arrange fall produce in a wooden box, on several log slabs, or simply along the length of a table runner, add some candles and the centerpiece is ready. The more natural, the better.

Of course, you don’t want your table to look like a roadside farm stand, so aim for moderation and balance. Arrange everything neatly so the fruits, veggies and other round elements don’t tumble all over the place whenever the diners move an inch (unless you care for some extra entertainment for the kids). Also, if you fancy flower arrangements in vases, make sure they are not too tall for conversation or eye contact.

Need some inspiration? Here’s 12 fabulous ideas, as easy as pumpkin pie!

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