TERRIFYING: First Muslim Governor Taking Control Of This State – Here’s Terrifying Changes He’s Making Immediately!

It was but a matter of time before Muslims took control of Michigan by claiming the governor seat. Most of the state has been overrun with Islam, and every day they keep on brainwashing more innocent kids who are unfortunate enough to still attend schools in the area as both private and public schools have long since adopted “Islamization Sensitivity Programs” into the curriculums.

Islam is a religion of conquest and Muslim are far from the brainless bunch we believe them to be. Every year hundreds of millions of dollars coming from middle east find their way into several Pro Muslim organizations in America where they spare no effort to spread the myth that “Islam is a religion of peace” or that Muslims want “peaceful co-existence”. They spend millions of funding schools, Mosques and even backing candidates and politicians.

Muslim’s plan to infiltrate our government started in the Obama era when he allowed a myriad of Middle East sponsored Muslim groups to infiltrate America such as the Muslim Brotherhood and the Council on American-Islamic Relationships. These groups have since spread Muslim Propaganda all over the country, infiltrating schools and universities, attempting to corrupt our youth.

The most dangerous Muslim is not that one screaming “Sharia Law” like a maniac on the streets or in youtube. The most dangerous Muslim is the guy with a suit and tie, going onto CNN to explain that not all Muslims are like that.

Such is the case with Dr. Abdul el-Sayed, a charismatic and friendly candidate for governor in Michigan. He wears an elegant suit, has PHD from a renown American University and like many second generation Muslims, he has spent most of his life in the United States.

He is currently the Democratic candidate, however, a lot of people seem to be more than content to ignore the fact that his campaign is getting funds from the Muslim brotherhood. The Muslim Brotherhood has been under investigation by the FBI as they have been linked to multiple terrorist attacks and suspicious funding.

With the current state of Michigan and the huge amount of Muslim population there, his victory is practically set.

Dick Manasseri, the head of a watchdog group in Michigan believes Michigan will slowly become a “Sharia Swamp”, and the scariest thing is that resident will be ok about it as it will be presented to them with a friendly face.

“It is the exact same thing as Barack Obama in Chicago in the early 2000s,” said Manasseri,” Dr. Manasseri stated. “He’s young, attractive, he does not give out a lot of information, he speaks in platitudes about celebrating inclusiveness and diversity.”

“He’s very well packaged,” Manasseri said. “He’s far more accomplished than Barack Obama. Obama was not this accomplished, they connected him to certain foundations and his candidacy took off.”

Muslim’s greatest weapon is the left’s hate for President Donald Trump who seems to be willing to sink to any low in order to take a jab at a President, who is honestly only trying to do what’s best for America.

The left’s hate for President Donald Trump is greater than their love for this country and safety of their own living since they are all rallying around in support of El-Sayed just to spite our president.

If el-Sayed wins the elections, this will set a precedent that goes beyond a single governor seat. This will be the first foothold Muslim organizations will have in American Politics.

“Muruna is the tactic that both Barack Hussein Obama used to convince America he was just like us, and now the Muslim Brotherhood is employing the same tactic as they groom Abdul El-Sayed to take over as governor of Michigan. Sayed’s win in Michigan will be one more nail in America’s coffin, as we all know the Muslim Brotherhood’s true intentions for our country, which is a land completely ruled by Sharia Law.”

This is not about tolerance, inclusion or political correctness. The main issue here is that Muslim organizations are executing a systematic attack on America and the Democratic parties are too busy fighting the president to realize what is going.

What is most ironical, is that this Muslim candidate is against LGBT, transgenders, and abortion, and still they are choosing to side with him just to attack Trump.

Just to what extent are the Democrats willing to go in their pettiness against our President. They seem willing to betray their own values and the National security out of spite. The matter of fact is that Muslim are waging a war against America and the only one aware of it seems to be Trump.


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