Real Proof Found That Barack Obama Was Secretly Stealing the Whole Time While He Was in Office

Democrats are the most corrupted human beings ever. They do not care about the American people at all. The only thing that they seem to care is their personal interest. Barack Obama, the former President of USA remains the most beloved liberal among them all. For us on the other hand, he remains and will never be anything more but the man who left America in ruins. Before taking office, Barack Obama was worth 1.8 million dollars while after leaving office, he came out with a net worth of over 13 million. This leads us to my first and second sentence. Considering the fact that the annual salary of an American President is around $400,000 how is that even possible?

Last week Info Wars says that shareholders of the crumbling Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac finally have the proof they needed. In a court of law now they can prove how exactly the Obama administration stole billions of dollars of their profits earned by the Government Sponsored Entities.

They were able to see everything the moment when the 2013 fiscal year numbers were analyzed and multiple discrepancies popped up. According to these numbers that follow, Obama’s administration knowingly diverted Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac funds into his pet project known as “Obamacare.” By the billions of dollars that his own Treasury Department confiscated from both these entities earnings.

If you look closely the “GSEs Non-Entity Costs (Revenue),” which is meant to record the flow of money into the US Treasury of funds confiscated by the Obama administration in the NWS recorded in 2012 as a cost to the treasury of only $5.3 billion. This line item dramatically reverses in 2013 to reflect the NWS revenue inflow from the two Government Sponsored Entities amounting in 2013 to a whopping $126 billion.

Fannie and Freddie have paid back over $270 on the $188 billion the Treasury invested in the GSEs with the 2008 PSPA, repaying nearly in full the principal and the 10 percent dividend the Obama administration had negotiated under the 2008 Senior Preferred Stock Purchase Agreements (PSPAs).

People and experts need to keep on digging in order to find something more. Everything will eventually come out. Dishonest people in the Government are no more wanted and they need to pay for their huge mistakes towards America. Obama does not deserve to walk around freely from everything he did.


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