JUST IN: President Trump To OVERRIDE Congress On Obamacare…

President Donald Trump doesn’t like to lose, ever. He’s built his brand on winning, so needless to say after the GOP failed to repeal, let alone replace Obamacare, he probably reached up his sleeve to see what aces he was ready to play.


And late breaking reports from Sen. Rand Paul indicate that he could completely stun all of Washington with one stroke of his pen.



WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. Senator Rand Paul said he spoke to President Donald Trump by phone about healthcare reform on Monday and told the president he thought Trump had the authority to create associations that would allow organizations to offer group health insurance plans.

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Paul, a Republican, told reporters that Trump was considering taking some form of executive action to address problems with the healthcare system after the Senate failed last week to pass a measure to reform the system.

Allowing groups like AARP, which represents retirees, to form health associations could enable individuals and small businesses to form larger groups to negotiate with health insurance companies for lower rates.



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