US military allowed Muslim women to wear hijab? President Trump ordered immediately to …

Muslims have no respect for American culture or history, and they have no intention to assimilate. Luckily, our military is not prepared to appease any Muslim demands. A Muslim student, who is about to attend a historic military academy in South Carolina, is attempting to force the school to allow her to wear a hijab. The school refused her request and told her she is not above the rules.

The military college, the Citadel, has a long history and has operated as a school for 175 years. It has not allowed an exception to the dress code once in its entire history.

Now, an entitled Muslim student is demanding the school break tradition and guidelines to support her religion and protect her feelings.

The Citadel’s dress code is strict. Students are required to be in uniform at all times while on campus, with only two exceptions. They may wear bathing suits while swimming, and be out of uniform during a furlough, which only upper-year students enjoy.


The academy’s president announced the decision earlier this week explaining that, “The standardization of cadets in apparel, overall appearance, actions, and privileges is essential to the learning goals and objectives of the college.”


“This process reflects an initial relinquishing of self, during which cadets learn the value of teamwork to function as a single unit,” the president said, justifying the almost two-century long guideline.


The Citadel allows for religious accommodation so long as it does not undermine the objectives of the school such as morale, health and safety, or good order. Breaking unit cohesion for a head scarf is not acceptable.

President Tramp did not agree with this idea.


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  1. One question. Who is president Tramp? Ok, two questions .. He “did not agree with this idea” as in, was in opposition to it, or wasn’t given the opportunity to voice his opinion?

  2. Why does anyone or any organization put up with these pathetic situations?????? Where is it written that she is being ordered and mandated to attend the Citadel?????? It is her choice to attend the Citadel, so she must comply with their rules of attendance!!!!! Basically, this is another example of these idiots having no intentions of assimilating to western values and way of life!!!!! Never cave into their pathetic and fraudulent demands!!!!!!!!

  3. The Muslim people are asking for exceptions to many things. While I understand her wish, her expectation is out of line. Military training emphasizes that all be treated as one. My answer is “NO, when you sign on you know the rules” It is a great privilege to be accepted and to have the ability to attend such an elite school. Be grateful and try to be part of the team.

    1. Why is she even at the Cidel ?? Muslims are anti American false god worshipers. Their God is Allah. Has access to many things that Muslims should not have access to. !! Expell her now !!

  4. Muslim women do not belong in the United Stated Military, period. The not so silent killer. They would rather cut your throat, than look you in the eye. And President Trump should have no say, in the rules of the Citadel. That young woman knew exactly what she was doing. Oust her hiney.

  5. In the military YOU have SOLDIER attire the scarf thing is NOT part of it..if this woman thinks it’s fashionable, she needs to come out of the brave men and women military and try being a model….No, this is NOT ok.

  6. I am totally disappointed that President Trump stepped into this mess. I honestly feel he should back track and rescind that order and let the Citadel enforce the established rules. If the Muslim girl doesn’t like it, so be it. She can leave.

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