Trump Suspends $221 Million Obama’s Aid To The Palestinian Muslims and SHOCKING OMG…READ

The Trump administration has informed the Palestinian Authority that it is freezing the transfer of $221 million which was quietly authorized by the Obama administration in its final hours on January 20, a senior Palestinian source has told The Times of Israel.

US officials conveyed to PA Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah on Tuesday that the funds were not expected to be handed over in the immediate future, said the source, who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

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Do You Agree With Trump That Obama Is Guilty Of Treason To America?


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  1. Obama was and still is an Illegal who has forged documents to invade OUR Country then started a coupe to take over the U.S.A. and destroy the Constitution. There have been crimes of the highest magnitude that can’t and will not be swept under the rug again. We have to all go to Congress and demand that impeachment be forthcoming for 44 to be removed from all government benefits and any pensions he has received. All security forces will then be removed and Obama be turned over to a Citizen Grand Jury to convict him. This has to be done before Obama get’s enough supporters to destroy OUR country completely. Obama has proven himself to be a Muslim spy, an Illegal imposter, a Socialist/Communist infiltrator, and a Traitor to America. If Congress does not respond to the demands of the People, the People have the right of regress and will take down Congress to start commissions of Law of the Constitution to convict all in Congress who have shown to be in collusion with Bush’s, Clinton’s, and Obama to destroy this country by design of the NWO. We the People have no desire to be under any Globalist regime or Socialist Party, and demand all actions of past Presidents using powers that they did did not have. Congress has 90 days to either impeach Obama and the Clinton’s and convict them of Grand Treason. Maxine Waters is another example of Obama’s plan to take over OUR government WE THE PEOPLE have elected and will not tolerate any more left handed tactics that have been used to cause unrest and riots in which were not controlled by orders of Democrats to not stop all riots and protests that turned into Trump supporter bashings. “WE THE PEOPLE” are speaking now and it is time for Congress and the Democrats to shut up and listen or the biggest Civil War ever will be the next move by “THE PEOPLE” and we can’t guarantee any of you will be walking afterwards.

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