Wedding Decoration Ideas: Red, White and Black Table Centerpieces

Choosing the right color theme for your wedding is not an easy task. There are so many combinations out there, but if you really want a stunning wedding, go for red, white and black. Red stands for passion, love and desire, black brings sophistication to the decorations, and white makes the combination peaceful and angelic. If that sounds right to you, read on to find the most beautiful red, white and black table centerpieces which you’ll surely love!

Wedding Decoration Ideas: Red, White and Black Table Centerpieces

Check the picture on the left, with candles, red petals and the number of the table in a simple black frame, the centerpieces would look extremely romantic and sophisticated on an indoor wedding. And the one on the right, with flowers in red and white and a simple black sign, looks vintage and rustic and it would be an excellent centerpiece idea for an outdoor wedding.

When talking about red, your first thought on decoration is probably a bunch of gorgeous red roses. And you are right, roses make everything looks more elegant. Place red roses with white cups on a black table or simply place them on black and white tablecloth, they look stunning together!

Another idea for a red, white and black table centerpieces: the one on the left. The black lantern looks really fancy. Add a little bit of green with a bunch of plants and a few white flowers, the table will look bright and rustic. Put a candle inside the lantern and place a lot of roses around it to create a romantic feel.


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