After Both Bush’s Call Trump a Failure, They Get Destroyed With Instant Revenge and…READ MORE SHOCK

On Saturday, the White House responded to the cruel attacks on President Trump by former presidents George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush.

Earlier this week, reports surfaced that George H.W. Bush had widely condemned Trump in 2016 during his campaign for president.

Bush is quoted saying, “I don’t like him. I don’t know much about him, but I know he’s a blowhard. And I’m not too excited about him being a leader.”

Obviously the rest of the country did not agree, since America elected Trump to be President. And thus far, Trump has made history with the ways he has already started to help America retake its greatness.

George W. Bush also told reporters that he fears that Trump will be “the last Republican president.” Essentially, he feels that Trump is failing at maintaining the proper ‘Republican’ image.

Soon after both Bush’s comments were made public, they got the reaction that they deserved:

“If one presidential candidate can disassemble a political party, it speaks volumes about how strong a legacy its past two presidents really had.”

The White House went on to condemn the Iraq war which was ignited by former president George W. Bush. And upon hearing the news that George H.W Bush stooped so low as to even voting for Hillary Clinton, the Trump administration ruined him with a single statement:

“President Trump remains focused on keeping his promises to the American people by bringing back jobs, promoting an America First foreign policy and standing up for the forgotten men and women of our great country.”

This is far more than either of the Bush’s can say for their own presidencies. Trump is not focused on selfish policies. He is devoted to making our country great for the American working class. This has been his promise all along. It is saddening to see his goals met with such contempt – especially by other politicians who should have the same goals themselves.

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