BREAKING: Obama Flat-Out Stole $400 Million And Split It With Hillary Clinton

The $400 million recovered from terrorists by British Intelligence was just one of four payments that were supposed to go to Iran for the return of hostages. The White House Accountability Office, established early in the Trump presidency, has reported to the CBO that the second $400 million payment never left the United States.

The money, cash traceable by serial numbers, has turned up in a stream of businesses owned by the Clintons and the Obamas. Mariel Martinez of the OIP told LLOD:


“They were so sure Democrats would win the White House that they were extremely careless about how they laundered the cash. Since Trump was elected, every business that touched the stolen money has been closed or sold in an attempt to cover their tracks.”


According to legal analysts, filing charges against the Clintons or the Obamas will be an uphill battle that needs to start with years worth of research and evidence gathering. A clerk for the Justice Department says they won’t even file charges until a clear path from the Obama administration to the money and then to the private sector is established.

The Iranians, who still deny receiving any money at all, are confirmed to have deposited the cash from one payment in their national reserve. Intelligence analysts from the DWEIA, some of the best in the world, say that the deal with Iran was definitely real, but that it was for $400 million, not $1.2 billion, as the Obama administration reported.

Now we know where all the money went. A third went to ISIS, a third to the Iranians so they could develop weapons to kill us and a third to the bank accounts of the criminals who put the whole thing together. Thank the Lord Trump decided to make his house transparent and made sure Obama’s was, too.

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