BREAKING: U.S. Soldiers Forced To Pray To Allah To Appease Local Muslims, and TRUMP…OMG

It’s hard to be a Christian in the world today, especially if you signed up to protect our country and are deployed to Afghanistan right now.

On Saturday, some disgusting photos surfaced depicting a group of American soldiers kneeling on Muslim prayer rugs with the locals and praying to Allah.

This is part of a “community outreach” program forced upon the military during the Obama administration. When it was announced in 2015, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said that Obama “hoped to show the Muslim world that Americans accept them” because it would “lead to a reduction in terrorism by helping the Muslim world understand that Christians and Muslims actually worship the same God.”

The little-known policy was criticized when he was adopted, though not heavily because servicemen are not permitted to discuss it.

You might think that members of our military have a choice, but they do not. They are forced to either follow orders or face the consequences. So far, two servicemen have chosen “consequences.”

The photo was leaked by an unnamed member of the 1st Armored Division out of Fort Hammond, Texas.

It’s time for President Trump to end this horrifying practice of forcing Christians to pray to Allah. Serving our country does not mean submitting to a fake god who is not yours. We still have freedom of religion.

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