OPINION: John McCain Should Resign Over This Disgusting Trump-Hating Photo

John McCain has taken his attacks on Donald Trump way too far! McCain was captured in a photo wearing a horrible profanity-laced anti-Trump t-shirt on Saturday, which was posted to social media by a supporter of his.

McCain posed in the photo with Senator Lindsey Graham, another Trump hater. He can be seen wearing a “Donald Trump is not my President” t-shirt featuring a gigantic middle finger and the words “F*** Trump” underneath it. Graham, sporting a huge smile, is wearing a red shirt.

John McCain has been attacking President Trump in the media ever since before he was elected, giving a “middle finger” to Americans who support the Republican Party, Donald Trump, and our nation.

This is disgraceful. It doesn’t matter if John McCain got himself captured while fighting overseas. Trump is right that he’s not in any since an American hero. He’s not a patriot. He’s not a leader.

He is the exact type of un-American trash that we are fighting against and he needs to resign immediately.

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