BREAKING: This Might Be The Scandal That Finally Brings Hillary Down

Hillary Clinton is done. Toast. Caput. Finito. Ended. Dead — not literally, but she might as well be.

Clinton may have sold Uranium to the Russians and participated in seemingly every act of corruption known to man and horse and her husband may be a sleazeball who has raped numerous women, but the Clinton family always seems to get away with it.

Fox News reports that a new Clinton scandal is brewing that could finally put an end to her family’s criminal empire. According to the report:

New sources have come forward with “physical evidence” that former President Bill Clinton did indeed sexually assault them — one woman who says Mr. Clinton forced himself on her at a hotel during his wife’s campaign stop in 2007 and another who says that Mrs. Clinton was aware that her husband sexually assaulted her in 2008 after she lost the primary to Barack Obama.


“If these reports are true, this proves that Clinton both knew and accepted that her husband is a rapist,” Fox News analyst Britt Holder says. “It will be the end of the Clinton’s legitimacy among many liberal groups and ultimately their political careers.

This is good news for anyone who has waited for the Clintons to finally face justice but bad news for anyone who has backed either of them in recent years.

The Clinton, like all liberals, are hypocrites and horrid people. It’s good to see them finally get their comeuppance.

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