Shock BREAKING: Malia Obama Suspended For Kneeling During Anthem At Harvard/Yale Game

Barack Obama’s oldest daughter just got herself suspended from school after she joined black athletes in disrespecting our flag, our country, our anthem, our troops, our Constitution, and our police by kneeling during the National Anthem.

Obama was attending the Harvard/Yale football game Tuesday when she decided to kneel for the National Anthem. Unfortunately for her, Harvard isn’t quite as lenient as the NFL on disrespecting the flag.

Harvard has a strict policy requiring students — even the daughter of a certain criminal ex-President — to “show proper reverence to flag and country at all school-sponsored events” according to the student handbook.

It is unclear how long Malia is suspended for, but the Harvard handbook prescribes “up to one week suspension from all student activities not limited to classes, performances, and sports events” for a first offense under their rules regarding conduct. A second offense doubles the penalty to two weeks and a third offense includes a minimum of a month and “possible expulsion” so the former First Daughter had better be careful not to fall while jumping on bandwagons.

It’s probably good that Malia is taking some time off. She’s currently mourning the loss of her roommate/probably drug source after their dorm room was raided earlier today.

No special treatment! We The People expect Harvard to treat her like any other student and force her to deal with the consequences of her actions.

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