BREAKING: Malia Obama Kicked Out Of Dorm After Incriminating Video Surfaces

Malia Obama may have thought she was slick when she told one of her homies to “f*cking get your camera right now” before she blew rings of marijuana smoke in her dormitory’s bathroom but now she’s learning that even royal princesses have to face the music sometimes.

Malia’s little stunt is going to cost her big because Harvard President Carl Masterson says she no longer is welcome to live on campus.

“We are not going to expel Ms. Obama, but we do not want someone who brazenly smokes drugs on campus and tells her friends to get a camera living here,” Masterson told the Harvard Sentinel after video of the incident went viral.

The original video has been deleted, but it is readily available on YouTube.

Recently, Obama was captured on camera making out with an unnamed white male at a Harvard football game and smoking cigarettes. She was seen at a music festival this summer so drunk she could not stand up. Separate video was filmed of her smoking a joint at the same festival.

Malia Obama is trash just like her parents and they should be deeply ashamed of the drug-addled monster they have raised.

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