Liberal 9th Circuit Court Rejects Obama’s Suit Against Trump

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has a long-standing tradition of ruling unconstitutionally and having those rulings reversed. This morning, to avoid yet another embarrassment, the court finally sided with the law and granted President Trump the executive privilege he deserves:


“The court finds that with no solid reason to believe that President Trump has committed a crime, to force the invasion of his privacy by demanding his personal tax returns, college transcripts, draft deferral documentation or legal filings in reference to his marriage to a Slovenian immigrant would be an eggregious dereliction of the court’s duty.”


The suit was filed by the traitor Barack Obama, who wanted to try to use the things our President has done to get to his station in life against him. If the court allowed it, the liberals would be able to take every word President Trump has ever said and everything he’s ever done and dissect it for their fake news. The court, even as liberal as it is, simply couldn’t allow another embarrassing reversal when the Supreme Court got a hold of it.

In other words, Obummer, you lose. Never before has a President bee asked to prove something so simple as his own wife’s legal status. Obama skated through eight years even though he was from Kenya and nobody said a thing. Now they want to turn around and put a real American under the microscope?

It’s a good thing the court ruled the way it did. They would have looked pretty stupid when the SCOTUS overturned them. Everyone knows you can’t treat a man like our president as a common person. We need him to be the strongest, loudest voice of reason the world has ever heard!

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