The 9th Circuit Court Just Made Sharia Law Legal In All 50 States

The liberal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals extended their session to 10 PM eastern today to finalize their ruling to overturn a case that essentially makes Sharia Law legal in America. According to LLOD legal analyst, Professor Art Tubolls:

“The court ruled that a person’s religiopn cannot be discounted as a matter of law if that person’s religion is their law. That describes every single one of the pagans who worship the Moon God, Allah. Their laws and their religion, known as Sharia, are one.

This court just ruled that a man can stone his wife as long as he doesn’t kill her for looking at another man and execute her in town square should she actually commit adultery. What we have here is a blatant abandonment of the 1st Amendment and the Conservancy Clause.”

The 1st District court has put a stay on the ruling, for the time being, to keep it from becoming precedent in any other cases, while the Supreme Court looks at the matter. Bobby Mulvaney, ipso facto clerk to Chief Justice John Roberts, says the Supreme Court will have no choice but to take this case in the quickest way possible before people get hurt.

What we have here is another glaring example of liberal politics at play. The more oppressed people we have living in this country, the more illegal votes the Democrats will get.

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