LOOK VIDEO As He Walked on Stage, Trump Stopped in His Tracks When He Noticed a Christmas MIRACLE


Trump was in town to garner support for his new tax reform bill that is currently working his way through Congress. He was also bringing attention to the 2018 special election Senate race in Missouri.

President Trump has shown his support for Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley in the upcoming Republican Senate seat race.

When Trump arrived to the venue, which was beautifully decorated for Christmas, he noticed something incredible when he walked out on stage and he had to stop for a photo opportunity.

Trump saw a giant sign that said one of his favorite phrases – ‘Merry Christmas.’

You can see the big smile cross Trump’s face as he poses for a picture with the sign and then steps up to the podium. He then says something that drives the crowd wild.


“I told you that we would be saying ‘Merry Christmas” again!”

The crowd erupts into applause and cheers immediately upon hearing that Trump has brought the war on Christmas to an end.

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