REPORT: Feds Found Bill Clinton’s Kill Room Buried Beneath A Trailer In Arkansas

The bodies of two men found in an underground “dungeon and kill room,” as the FBI describes it, have been identified as investigators sent to the area to uncover information about one of Bill Clinton’s many affairs.

Harvey Mills, a local private investigator, and a man believed to be the brother of one of Clinton’s victims, were strangled, revived, and tortured for months if not longer. Special Agent Kelin Madrias of the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit says whoever pulled this off is a real psychopath:

“Whether Clinton did this or hired someone to do it, it’s sick. There is no possible defense for what these men went through. They were given food and water at particular intervals and then hung upside-down over each other until they defacated and the other one ate it. Their ultimate cause of death is going to end up being cholera.”

The trailer that sits on top of the entrance to the underground bunker belonged to one of Clinton’s alleged mistresses who disappeared decades ago. The trailer was never sold or rented and remains the property of an anonymous investor.

In other words, Bill Clinton — possibly in cahoots with his wife — kept a place deep in the swamp in Arkansas where he could indulge his psychotic side. The FBI is extracting evidence from the site as we speak. We’ll keep you updated on this developing story.


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