UPDATE REPORT: Paul Ryan Will Back Joe Biden For President

Donald Trump has caused rifts in politics so deep that people who once considered themselves “party politicians” are joining forces to create more of a “Team Corruption Vs. Trump” scenario in Washington. The Deep State Nation, led by Barack Obama, George Soros and a handful of other powerful billionaires, has expanded far past the realm of typical liberal Democrats.

According to Sienna Laroney, Trump’s personal assistant, Calls from the Hill have basically stopped altogether:

“All of President Trumo’s allies come to see him in person. Behind the scenes, Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan and a score of other rank and file Republicans are working with the Democrats to undermine thje administration.”

Laroney’s story was corroborated by a staffer in Ryan’s office who is working for Donald Trump. He says Ryan is so determined to see Trump ousted that he’s joined forces with Deep State and will back Joe Biden in a “new era of non-partisanship.” That, of course, is code for politics as usual after they kill real change with their lies.


The move became necessary when it was clear that no Republican could beat Donald Trump. Their only option is to jump on the Trump-hater bandwagon and promise free stuff to illegals.

No matter who Ryan backs, his career is finished. Trump will see to that.


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