Former Alabama Secretary Of State Turns Herself In For Election Fraud

Former Alabama Secretary Of State Turns Herself In For Election Fraud

Nancy Worley the former Secretary of State for the State of Alabama turned herself in for voter fraud at Montgomery County Jail Thursday and was released on bond. Worley is giving herself in after charges came down from the grand jury of voter fraud coming from her last re-election campaign that was unsuccessful.

Worley did not have a smooth 4 years in office either, as she was criticized for the SUV cars the government bought thanks to her selection and during her time in office there were complaints of low morale from a large number of employees., including Ed Packard, I’m hoping that what this means is that the law that protects state employees is going to be enforced.”

The indictment charges that Worley broke that law when she wrote a letter to her employees with the words underlined saying, “I want to ask for your support and your vote in the June 2006 Democratic Primary Election.”

She went on to say she had always requested them not to discriminate against anyone because of his or her politics, race, religion, social status, thus she says, “If you choose to support another candidate you have every right to make that decision without any problems from me.”

Worley’s attorney argues that the last statement is there so employees don’t feel like their decision is forced, but Packard sees it differently. “Aside from it being illegal it just seems wrong for an elected official to request money or other kinds of campaign support from their subordinates because of that employer – employee relationship that could be coercive just by its very nature,” he said.

“I didn’t have any reluctance to file a complaint because I believe it takes people standing up and doing the right thing if we expect the right things to happen,” he said.

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