So far, Sarah Huckabee-Sanders has proven to be worthy of the position as White House press secretary.

As always, the left goes against people who are doing their job perfectly fine.

Recently, Chelsea Handler attacked Sanders.

During the presidential elections in 2016, Handler was strictly supporting the feminism and was fighting for women’s rights. However, she decided to attack one of the most powerful women who is serving directly to President Donald Trump.

Handler participated in one episode titled “Dinner Party: Scandalous” where she spoke to Lanny Davis, who served as a special counsel to Bill Clinton.

Davis was saying: “When somebody from the Trump White House stands at the lectern and tells us that black is white…”

Handler interrupted him and said: “That harlot that they are dressing up and trolloping out every day? I mean, one day she has no makeup on at all, the next she’s got like 6-foot long eyelashes, and she’s got cleavage, and summer whore lipstick all over her face. Can you believe what they’ve turned her into? A proper trollop.”

It is unbelievable that she used the word “trollop” which is referring to an “immoral or promiscuous woman, especially a prostitute.”

During the elections, Handler was a part of Hillary’s campaign.

She said: “Find women that are different than you and figure out the things you have in common. We have a whole generation of girls who are looking at us to see how we treat each other. Let’s show them what the power of being a woman really looks like. Let’s open our arms to each other, and to them.”

It is very unclear why the liberals keep attacking the officials from Trump administration and Donald Trump himself, while they haven’t committed anything wrong. Instead, they’ve already accomplished so much in such a short time. This needs to stop.

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