Donald Makes Makes Stealth Move Against Sharia Law In 18 States Requiring Them To…

Under the direct influence of President Trump states are starting to fight against Sharia law after they’ve witnessed its progressively destructive nature.

This Muslim law believes that it should be valued above the real law of the country. People who conform to its rules, place the Sharia law above the Constitution and any other legislation.

This law conforms women to think of themselves as second-class citizens, condemns homosexuals to death and torments people who belong to any other religious faith.

Even though it is more than clear why this law has no place in America, some Muslim groups are still practicing it and they have even made attempts to put Sharia courts in place.

Luckily at least some of the states are fighting to prevent this from happening.

According to the Guardian,  23 new bills were introduced through the course of last year in 18 states in an effort to prohibit the practice of this Islamic religious law.

With this new bills, the complete number of legislative efforts since 2010 rise to 217 in number, in 43 states in the U.S.

Just two out of these 23 bills introduced to state legislature succeeded to become law. This  were the cases in Arkansas and Texas.

There are also 4 new additional states that were added to the list of countries which are fighting against the Sharia law : Colorado, Connecticut, North Dakota  and Wisconsin.

The Guardian also says how most of the bills are cautious not to associate these laws with Islam or Muslim people because they might end up under the scope for religious discrimination.

So they refer to them as “foreign laws” that should be prohibited from entering the US jurisdiction.

This attitude expressed in the Guardian article is astonishingly  ignorant. They continue to imply that the anti-sharia policy is ‘Islamophobic’ and attack the president for going after Muslims after he has done no such thing.

The Guardian remains ignorant to the dangers Sharia law poses on our society. These rules are not fit for this nation. This law seeks global power and wants to take over the world so why should we let it spread freely in the U.S.?

Liberals are convinced that any attempt to protect American tradition can be viewed as hateful and racist. While there are many Muslims who wouldn’t support the principles of this law.

What America needs is more anti-sharia laws in as many countries as possible. Extremist groups are working hard to bend our country and to do so they need their followers to submit by law.

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