Signs That it’s Time To Finally Get Organized

Signs That it’s Time To Finally Get Organized

How can you tell when it’s time to start organizing your space, your schedule, and your life? The signs are quite clear once you begin to pay attention. Often, they involve feeling out of control or making minor mistakes with potentially major consequences. For example, here are ten common signs that you need to get organized.

You Accidentally Miss a Scheduled Meetin
You Don’t Know What You Own

If you keep finding clothes you don’t remember buying, or purchasing books or gadgets you forgot you already owned (see # 5) it’s time to clean out your stuff and re-organize.

You Keep Misplacing Necessities

Yes, everyone makes mistakes and one-off weird situations do happen. But if you’re regularly losing track of your keys, glasses, or wallet, it means your organization routine is breaking down somewhere – quite possibly at your launch pad or in your handbag.

Sure, this can happen for a legitimate and unpredictable reason (an earthquake, say, or a family emergency.) But what I’m talking about here is when you simply forget, for no good reason, that you have a routine appointment or special event planned. Especially if it happens more than once, this is a serious hint that your current system of organizing your schedule isn’t working for you. Solution: Develop a daily routine so you never miss a meeting.

You Get Frustrated by Mundane Tasks

Most of us have busy lives in which a bit of advance preparation is required to ensure daily tasks, like putting on makeup or making dinner, go smoothly. When these tasks become a source of stress, it’s an indicator that something about the process has to change. Often, surprisingly, less is more when it comes to streamlining your mundane chores. For example, if getting dressed takes forever because you have “nothing to wear,” you might actually have too much, and a minimalist wardrobe could be the answer.

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