FANTASTIC!! Christmas Decoration Ideas

DIY addicts, it’s the most wonderful time of year: Time to pull out your glue gun and deck your halls with flurries of pretty paper snowflakes, pom-pom garlands, and disco ball wreaths. If your idea of the perfect holiday home is filled with lots of insanely easy DIY projects, you’ve come to the right place. Want to make a terrarium filled with mini gingerbread houses? Of course you do! And what about sprucing up your stockings with faux fur and tassels? That’s a definite yes. This season is all about getting crafty-but-not-crazy, so scroll down for 72 DIYs that will get your home in the Christmas spirit ASAP.
DIY Edible Snowglobes Christmas Decoration Idea
1. DIY Edible Snowglobes: Snow globes are awesome, but a snow globe you can eat is even awesome-er. Dress up your table with a magical gingerbread wonderland and then treat yourself to a gumdrop tree whenever you need a little pick-me-up.
DIY Reindeer Piñata Christmas Decoration Idea
2. DIY Reindeer Piñata: It isn’t a real party until the piñatas show up, but these mini reindeer are WAY too adorable to break apart. Whether you choose to fill them with candy or not, they’d look pretty cute on a mantel or tucked under the tree.
DIY Pom Pom Christmas Tree Decoration Idea
3. DIY Pom-Pom Christmas Tree: Not sure you want to deal with a real tree this year? Skip the faux needles and go for something totally unique with a DIY honeycomb ball tree.
DIY Bottle Brush Tree Centerpiece Christmas Decoration Idea
4. DIY Bottle Brush Tree Centerpiece: Yep, you’re gonna want to pull out those bottle brush trees early this year, because they look totally awesome lining your dinner table. Throw down a little faux snow and get ready for some serious Instagrammin’.
Quirky Gift Wrap Christmas Decoration Idea
5. Quirky Gift Wrap: It’s time to pull out all the stops for your gift wrapping endeavors. Plain wrapping paper with a drugstore-bought bow isn’t going to cut it this year, so follow the tips and tricks in this tutorial to kick your wrapping game up a notch.
DIY Faux Calligraphy Ornaments Christmas Decoration Idea
6. DIY Faux Calligraphy Ornaments: Out-of-the-box ornaments are nice and all, but there’s something special about crafting some of your own each year. Get a little creative with a gold pen and transform ordinary ornaments into truly memorable treasures.
DIY Mini Mail Advent Calendar Decoration Idea
7. DIY Mini Mail Advent Calendar: An advent calendar is a great way to get in the holiday spirit and count down the days until Santa makes his appearance. Place a tiny trinket in each one of these mini packages and wrap them all up. Hide them around the house or sneak them into your mail for the kids to find every day.
DIY Punny Ornaments Christmas Decoration Idea
8. DIY Punny Ornaments: Let’s hear it for the lovers of everything punny. This year, skip the shops and DIY a few pun-tastic ornaments to make your tree (or someone else’s) totally unique.
DIY Sequin Letter Garland Christmas Decoration Idea
9. DIY Sequin Letter Garland: Stringing up a cute DIY holiday garland is a great way to instantly infuse your place with Christmas cheer without a lot of work. Grab a roll of gold sequins and put together a glittery typography garland to hang over your mantel or bar cart.
DIY Paper Ornament Advent Calendar Decoration Idea
10. DIY Paper Ornament Advent Calendar: Nothing helps to count down those anticipatory days to Christmas quite like an advent calendar, and this one features a colorful twist AND pom-poms. This advent calendar comes in garland form so you can mix it in with some greenery. Then let the daily treats start rolling in.
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