Window Treatments Other Than Curtains

1. Stained or Frosted Glass

When you hear stained glass, you probably think of Bible stories depicted in bright colors like the ones you see at church. But stained glass can come in any shade and pattern. You could even select a simple, white frosting that allows light in, but reduces the ability of passersby to see in.

14 Window Treatments Other Than Curtains

2. Wooden Venetian Blinds

Wooden Venetian blinds make an excellent alternative to curtains. They’re completely customizable to match the shape of the window and your décor. They also work well with nearly any style of home.

14 Window Treatments Other Than Curtains

3. Patterned Shades

Shades have also grown in popularity over the past few years as well, especially now that they come in patterns. You may select from roller, honeycomb cellular, roman, solar screen, horizontal fabric, or bamboo woven shades in whatever pattern you prefer. Try not to make the pattern match the rug or pillows precisely, but complement them instead.

14 Window Treatments Other Than Curtains

4. Traditional Venetian Blinds

Sometimes good old Venetian blinds work best for a particular space. They’re not as easy to clean, but they block sunlight effectively and open and close easily. If you don’t love the look of plain Venetian blinds, try using washi type to add color.

5. Indoor or Outdoor Awnings

Awnings provide excellent sun protection while adding a unique design to the windows. They can be installed either indoor or outdoor, depending on your personal preference. Imagine a kitchen window with a vintage awning in place of a traditional valance to shade your sink.

14 Window Treatments Other Than Curtains

6. Laser-Cut Panels

A bold and popular take on the traditional curtain is laser-cut paneling over your windows. Light-filtering decorations are sawed into a wood panel to provide privacy, light control, and a unique home décor statement. If you tire of having them as your window treatment, you can place them on a blank wall as artwork.

14 Window Treatments Other Than Curtains

7. Decorative Screens

Similar to laser-cut panels is a lacy screen, which is a century-old window treatment. This is especially desirable in hot climates, where you need indoor sun protection without completely eliminating the natural light.

14 Window Treatments Other Than Curtains

8. Indoor Shutters

Indoor shutters are more expensive to install, but they’re beautiful and efficient. They’ll create a country-chic charm for any interior design while ensuring sun coverage and sun-filtering options. Shutters also block noise, which makes them perfect for homes in busy neighborhoods.

14 Window Treatments Other Than Curtains

9. Beads on Strings

If you don’t care about blocking the sun or maintaining a lot of privacy, you might try the beaded string look. For a modern spin on this largely retro look, try large, oddly shaped beads rather than the small, symmetrical ones that were popular for framing doorways in the past.

14 Window Treatments Other Than Curtains

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