Inspirations for Blue and Yellow Wedding Colors

Elegant shades of blue when combined with various shades of yellow give a dramatically refreshing tone. Those yellow colors awesomely highlight those shades of somber blue. The combination is perfectly suited for various types of spring and summer weddings. Let’s take a detailed look at how blue and yellow wedding colors can be artfully combined for the best visuals.

Blue and Yellow Wedding Colors


Navy Blue and Yellow

The bold combination of navy blue and yellow perfectly compliments a rustic or barn summer wedding. The yellow accent gives the overall wedding décor a brightened ambiance. To give a more rustic feel, use sunflowers in bouquets and floral arrangements. For accents, grey and white are the best choices. Groom or groomsmen can try wearing yellow suspenders. Or a grey tuxedo with a navy blue tie and Billy balls as a boutonniere. The combo adds a glow to even a night time reception.


Sky Blue and Yellow

A color as soft as light blue gives an exceptional tone during a spring daytime wedding. Comboing other blue colors with yellow is a great idea for waterside wedding receptions. From dresses to the overall décor of the event, this combination guarantees an easy-on-the-eyes and romantic aura. Try a bouquet with yellow roses accented with blue hydrangeas. For a lighter shade of blue, using a soft shade of yellow gives a soothing effect.

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