Dazzling (un)curtain Office Project by Dekleva Gregoric Arhitekti

Gallery featuring images of the dazzling (un)curtain Office project by Dekleva Gregoric Arhitekti, a modern hybrid office design using both contemporary and traditional elements.
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Modern dynamic open-plan office space.

Welcome to our gallery featuring the dazzling (un)curtain office project.

This exquisite office building is located in Ljubljana, Slovenia, in a structure built in 1938 at the center of the city.

Because of the dynamic and diverse global business community, a modern office environment must respond to constant change, attending to the needs of both personal comfort and technology development. This office stands at the pinnacle of this idea.

With reinforced concrete pillar structures and load bearing exterior walls, the stage was set for a huge open and fluid space. The designers took complete advantage of this opportunity.

The refurbishment of the open space began with a reinforcement of the structure itself. The pillars were wrapped with carbon reinforcement, granting a fresh look, while the floor slabs were reinforced with troweled concrete.

The furniture was a unique focal point for the designers, fitted out as a modular system of tables and drawers that allows the users to change the configuration for their specific needs. The furniture is crafted from triple-layered spruce panels, while the drawer segments are topped with custom container gardens, with a private growing space for each work station.

The open design of the structure allowed the (un)curtain office to become a truly dynamic work space with no predetermined partitioning. Thus, a system of curtains was developed for temporary partitioning when necessary.

This evolving system allows for myriad scenarios and work setups within the space. A meeting room can turn into multiple work spaces, or a dining hall, or anything else, while discrete offices can be merged into a common space for collective work.

This truly dynamic arrangement is aided by brightly hued natural materials, from the natural wood furniture to light grey concrete and large windows. On the ceiling, only an intersecting series of dark tracks for the curtains breaks up the expanse of lightness.

We’re frankly impressed by this unique office space and hope that you are too. The designers have crafted a truly utilitarian yet beautiful space that can evolve with the always-changing business world.

Here's a view of half the office, cordoned off by the immense curtains. The spruce desks are seen divided here by the container gardens, allowing  a burst of life to interject in the thoroughly modern space.


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