Incredible Airy Living Rooms with Kitchen Openings

A living room gallery featuring open-concept living rooms that flow into beautiful kitchens. Featuring rustic, modern, traditional, and contemporary living room designs.
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Rustic open-concept cabin-style living room and kitchen.

Welcome to our gallery featuring a wide array of lovely, diverse living room designs that open up into attached kitchens.

These homes embrace an open-concept design that flows beautifully and creates an airy atmosphere even in smaller homes.

The reason why open-concept homes are becoming so popular is simply that removing dividing walls adds so much more floorspace to even very small homes.

Allowing your living room, kitchen, and dining room to flow into one another also allows for seamless entertaining.

Hosts can see and interact with guests while they are in the kitchen area, or watch their children much more easily.

This gallery features a wide variety of styles, including the rustic warmth of the above space. Other styles include traditional, contemporary, or ultra-modern.

We’ve also included several unique spaces that don’t have a single defining style.

Keep a watchful eye out for the different arrangements of furniture in these rooms, and how that is affected by the size and shape of the room.

This gallery aims to curate a wide selection of open-concept living areas that use windows, open space, and subtle architectural details to create unforgettable, comfortable, and most importantly, functional homes.

We hope you’ll enjoy viewing this gallery as much as we did curating it!

Light wood beams add subtle detail to this natural beach house. The richer brown tones of the lightly patterned sectional sofa and matching baskets draw the eye to the center of the living room, which has a pocket door leading outside to a terrace and stairs to the beach.

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