35 Quick, Easy and Inexpensive Homemade – Handmade Gifts

Inspiraton and ideas contains some quick, easy and inexpensive homemade and handmade gifts.
Keep in mind the things that mean the most when creating a handmade gift for Mom. Homemade gifts are meaningful and personal  – and can still be as chic, beautiful, and most importantly,  treasured by the recipient, as a store bought present.
Family Photo
 Hanging Photo Frame Wall Art
Framed Family Photo Silhouettes
Embellished Clip Board Photo Holders
 Photo Blocks Made From Cut Molding
Printed Contact Paper Photo Memory Votives
Tissue Paper Printed Photo Candles
Cookie Cutter Engraved Monogram Candles
Hardware Store Aluminum Sheet Lanterns
 Framed Family Tree {with free tree and label templates}
Fabric Covered Journals
Hand-stamped Monogrammed Journal
 Velvet Ribbon Bookmarks
Handmade Photo Frame Terrarium
 Dollar Store Mirror Box Planter
DIY Paint Dripped Vases and Bowls
Paint Dipped Baskets
Hand Stenciled Monogrammed Hand Towels
Dot Painted Embellished Dishes
Chalkboard Serving Tray
 Ginger Infused Honey
Water Slide Decal Decorative Soaps
Oven Baked Clay Bead Bracelets
Dyed Wooden Bead Necklaces
DIY Link Chain Bracelets
 Handmade Clay Jewelry Dishes
DIY Nautical Knot ‘Monkey’s Fist’ Knob Trinket Box
Flower Pot Wreath
Tea Cup Bird Feeder
Tea Cup Herb Planters {with Hand Stamped Plant Markers}
 Herb Garden Gift Basket
 Brick Succulent Planter & Tealight Holders
The last three are from the archives but worth a quick mention as they are incredibly easy to prepare, inexpensive and make great gifts
Hope you have had a fabulous life ~ enjoy.

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