15 Easy DIY Wall Art Ideas You’ll Fall In Love With

A very easy way of changing of a room or space is with wall art. The term DIY Wall Art can refer to a variety of different things. Explore the possibilities and find the option that best suits your home. Choose the idea, the materials you want to use and determine whether or not the project would complement the space you’ve chosen to use.

Glazed Wall Art.

For this project you only need a few things, the most important of which is the glue or “pour-on” glaze which will give the piece this shiny effect. Measure, cut, seal and allow your creation to dry for a day or two before you display it.

DIY silverware silhouettes.

Here’s a project perfect for the kitchen or dining room. Make food-related art such as these metal silverware silhouettes. You need templates, something to cut through the material you’ve chosen and some paint.

Framed wallapper.

There’s more than one way in which you can use wallpaper. If you have some leftover pieces you can use them to make beautiful artwork for your walls. Pick a frame from an old photo, mirror, etc., cut the wallpaper to size and display it.

Messages and song lyrics DIY project.

For this project you’ll need a painting. We suggest using a cheap one or one you no longer need or like. Cut out letters and glue them to the painting. Compose a combination or words you wish to use, cover the whole piece in paint, let it dry and then peel the letters off.

Make your own DIY wall art.

Doilies may seem like something only grandma would use but there are ways in which you can incorporate them in your own home without creating an outdated look. gather some canvas, paint, scrapbook paper and some doilies and get to work.

Abstract wall painting.

Creating an abstract painting is not difficult. Of course, an artist would be able to take to a whole new level but we’re going to focus on a simple project for now. Try to make the design seem random and don’t spend too much time thinking about the meaning behind the image. Such a piece would look nice in the dining room or in a large space.

Canvas map wall decor.

Something as simple and as cheap as a map can be turned into a wonderful piece you can display in your home. If you have kids, then the decoration will also be educational. So take your old maps out of storage and put them to good use.

Zig Zag fold chevron paintings.

Who would have thought that these simple chevron paintings would look so great in the dining room. They’re very easy to make and all you need is a canvas, tape and some paint in the color of your choice.

DIY Wall Art From Toilet Paper.

A creative mind doesn’t let anything go to waste, not even the empty toilet paper rolls. In fact, there are lots of ways in which you can repurpose these things. For example, make beautiful wall art to display in your home. Cut them, glue them to make them look like flowers and glue them to a canvas.

Slatteed wood map art.

If you’re the patient type, then you might enjoy this project. You can basically use a map, in this case a map of Canada and transfer it on these thin pieces of wood to create a slatted wood map. You’ll need framing l;umber for the slats, wood stain, nails and acrylic paint.

My best friend wall art.

A nice project for the week-end can be making a nice piece for your best friend. Remind your friends how much you care about them and make something they can display in their homes in a very special place.

No paint artwork.

This is a very simple project which doesn’t require any paint. You’ll basically be using two white panels and some leaves you’ll hang with wire. It’s a very clean and simple look, perfect for modern spaces.

Meg Wall Art.

If you wish to introduce some nature-related features in your home, you can try this project. These are basically just some thin branches displayed on the wall above the bed with special clamps that go through the wall.

Cd case diy wall art.

CD’s have become a thing of the past so you might as well try to re-purpose them. You can use the cases to make some interesting-looking wall art. Divide an image into several individual squares to match the CD case dimensions. Print them and use tape to attach them., then mount the cases on the wall.

Paper silhouette art.

This is a very interesting project, more personalized than you’d think. Take photos of your friends and family and cut out their silhouettes out of black paper. Then arrange them in photo framed on white backgrounds and decorate a wall with them.


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