Decorate Your House: Part 1

At first glance you may think a driftwood as a waste but one you check these DIY Driftwood projects you will think twice. This shapeless driftwood has textures which is perfect for creating some unique home decorative pieces.Driftwood is a type of marine litter that is usually used as a shelter or food for birds, fish and other aquatic species.

Broken tree branches and wood pieces after being in the water for a long time look gorgeous and authentic, make wonderful environmental friendly home decorations and provide excellent material for beach inspired craft ideas.

Driftwood can be bought from local artisans and craft shops also. Small things for crafts can be brought from your vacation on the sea, ocean beach or near a river.

Below we have selected the most useful driftwood craft ideas that you can do at home will inspire you.

You can create a mirror, lamp, wall piece, wreath for your door or some candle holders out of driftwood.

For further step by step instructions, follow the links under the pictures.

Hope you enjoy these round up. Cheers

1.) DIY Driftwood Lamp

diy driftwood craft ideas

2.) DIY Driftwood Photo Display

diy driftwood craft ideas 5

3.) Simple DIY Candle Holders

diy driftwood craft ideas 3Check out the full DIY tutorial HERE

4.) Driftwood Cottages

diy driftwood craft ideas 4

5.) Driftwood Wreath

diy driftwood craft ideas 2

6.) DIY Driftwood Sunburst Mirror

diy driftwood craft ideas 1

So next time when you go for vacation, save some driftwood to make these driftwood craft ideas.

Share these ideas with your friends and spread the happiness. Enjoy Take care.


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