10 Reasons To Have A Backyard Wedding


There are maybe hundreds of reasons why you should have a backyard wedding but to help all you brides and grooms out there who are just starting to plan your wedding I thought I should give you my top 10 reasons why having a backyard wedding can be the best. Now, with all that said a backyard wedding is not for everyone and it does come with its own set of challenges, however, I also firmly believe that some of the most special and memorable weddings I have attended and featured have been of the backyard style. If a rustic backyard wedding is not for you, see how you can have one amazing rustic backyard rehearsal dinner.


1. No Venue Cost

Usually if you are having a wedding either in your own backyard or a close friend’s backyard you will not have to pay the hefty venue cost that you would at a more traditional space. Now since these locations are empty of things like large numbers of chairs and tables you will have some rental cost however you will get to save the cost of the venue space.

At Home Wedding

2. Total Control Of The Space

Many times when you decide to have your wedding at a venue you will have to go along with the rules and regulations for that venue space. I once was told when I was looking at a barn venue for my own wedding I could not have any decoration that did not keep the “integrity of the barn” whatever that means. When you have your wedding in a backyard you have the option to decoration and layout the space any way you want. This freedom allows you to curate your wedding day exactly as you see fit.

Backyard Wedding

Backyard Style Wedding

Hanging Mason Jars

3. Freedom To Select Any Date

Traditional wedding venues book up often a year ahead of time sometimes even two or three years leaving very few options when it comes to dates. By hosting your wedding in a backyard you have the ability select any date that works for you, your fiance and your family leaving no drama about the date.

Outdoor Backyard Wedding Ceremony

Rustic Wedding Welcome Sign

4. Ability To Play Games & Let Loose

Often times wedding venues have a set way that they like to host their weddings which leave little room for you to add touches like lawn games, casual dinner seating, room for children to play and more. Lawn games at weddings have become such a trend I can how the lure of such fun would make anyone want to book a wedding in their own backyard.

Lawn Games

Wedding lawn games

Corn Hole

5. Limited Amount Of Rules

After checking with your town about sound ordinances, parking rules and a few other things you pretty much can write your own rules. If you want to host dinner before the ceremony and then have a moonlit ceremony, you can. This couple did just that and look how amazing their wedding looks. Being able write your own rules is one of the reasons most couples decide to host their wedding in a backyard.

Backyard Wedding Dancing

Backyard Wedding

6. Be As Fancy Or As Casual As You Like

Rustic Wedding Chic has featured some super elegant backyard weddings and we have also featured some very casual style backyard weddings, both perfect in their own way. Hosting a backyard wedding allows you the opportunity to establish just how elegant & fancy or just how laid back and casual you want your wedding day to be.

Outdoor Backyard Wedding

Casual Backyard Wedding


7. Decoration Freedom

Going back to my previous statement about how I was once told I could not have any wedding decorations that did not keep the “integrity of the barn” and just how crafty and DIY savy brides are today it seems only logical they by hosting your wedding in your own space would allow you to decorate any way you see fit. Many traditional venues have very set rules about how you can decorate their space and many only allow you to work with their approved list of vendors. If you are a bride or couple that envision your wedding decorations a very specific way you might want to think about a backyard style wedding.

Outdoor Wedding


Backyard Wedding Decorations

8. Allows You To Work With Smaller More Local Vendors

As I just stated above, many venues allow you to work with only an approved list of vendors which makes it hard to work with smaller, local or organic style vendors. If you don’t want to have to go down the “traditional” line of caterers, florist and bakeries you might want to think about hosting your own wedding. By hosting the day in a backyard you have complete freedom when it comes to who you want to work with. Most venues will only allow you to work with vendors who have a licence which means having your friend who just started a catering company out of the question. Having a food truck at your wedding is a big trend and is almost tailor made for backyard weddings.

Food Truck For Wedding

Wedding Food Truck

9. Your Family & Friends Can Get Super Involved

With the ever-growing wedding ideas on Pinterest it seems everyone has some ideas about weddings now. When you host a wedding in a backyard not only do you get to have your wedding party involved but you also get to enlist the help of crafty friends, family members with cooking skills, younger party guest as cake servers and more. Everyone loves to lend a hand in a wedding celebration and hosting a backyard wedding allows everyone to chip in. See all our ideas on Pinterest.

Backyard Wedding

Backyard Wedding

Backyard Wedding

10. You Can Mix And Match And DIY Until You Can’t Take It Anymore

Burlap wedding banners, vintage plates for dinner, pom poms hanging from the trees – all of these are awesome ideas and may not work in a traditional wedding venue. The backyard space allows for all sorts of mixing and matching and of course the DIY wedding projects that you just can’t do with out. Free up your creative spirit and make your day  how you want it!

Burlap Table Runner


Vintage China At Wedding


Backyard Wedding Decorations


Backyard Wedding Decorations


Backyard Wedding Decorations


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