Birthday Display

Sooo it was about ten o’ clock at night(the night before my son’s 1st birthday party) when I thought of this grand idea to make a display to show off each month of his life. Doesn’t it seem like creative juices seem to flow late at night?
My husband thought I was crazy for starting a project when I still had a million other things to do that night, but I told him it would be really cute and to not wait up. 🙂 It really didn’t end up taking that long. Maybe 1 or 2 hours… 🙂 haha
So since it was late, and the craft store was closed I decided to search my house up an down for all the supplies I needed.
Luckily i found a board that I was “planning” on using for another project…
Then I found some fabric that was left over from my baby bedding and that I also used here. I highly suggest using uphoulstry fabric when doing this project. If you don’t have cute fabric you could just paint the board as well.
I got out my staple gun, pulled the fabric really tight and stapled away! Then I wrapped the corners like a present.
Next, I found some wooden dowels left over from this project. Then I grabbed the drill and found the exact same size drill bit and measured accordingly. If I were to do this project again I might get a little longer board…but it turned out fine. I also cut the dowels to different lengths to give it a little more funky look. After you drill the holes twist the dowels into the board.
Then I made little signs with the paper I had, and added a little distressed ink(my fav)!
It was finally time to clip on all the cute pictures of my little boy! It’s crazy how fast he grew…but he sure is a cutie!

Next add a little frill to go along with your theme…
AND you got yourself a nice looking centerpiece. I love it! Now that the party is over I plan to put it in his room and clip different pictures and drawings we accumulate.
Hope you all try it out! You could really take this to a more extreme level and get pretty creative!

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