25 Tips To Make Your Living Room Cozy

It doesn’t take a spacious living room to guarantee the feeling of hominess – even smaller spaces can be attractive and interesting.
After hours of searching, we have come to the conclusion that this selection of our favored ways, which includes twenty five unique pieces of advice, will help you make your living room comfortable and it will become a truly marvelous design.

We provide you with tips and tricks for every living room – whether it is small or spacious, you will find something for yourself in our article.

We are more than sure that you will get a bunch of new ideas for your house. Don’t forget that the functionality of your living room is the foremost part; however, if you want to get something truly perfect, it should have an aesthetical design too.

This is a shining example of a cozy, farmhouse-like living room

This gallery is full of tips and tricks and has been created to fill the void in your living room by bringing some warm colors into it. It will work as a light in the darkness of the night, making your space brighter.

We present you a lot of ways that will allow you to get additional coziness and intimacy for your living room and will spare you that trouble which is always associated with redecorating.

Work some splashes of vivid colors and house plants into your living room and make it look appealing for your guests – they will be amazed by its new style!

You are sure to feel moved and mesmerized by this gallery’s photos – they will help you improve your existing home’s decor or create your own style. Don’t stick to your guns so much when it comes to your house – find new things and enjoy them!

We hope that you will love these tips as we do!

1. Find the right place for your plants

Tall plants can work miracles in tall rooms – they fill corners and empty space and are great when you want to liven up your home’s decor. The only thing that’s necessary to do is providing them with light – dead plants won’t make your room look prettier!

Look for yuccas for decorating your living room. And then, place it right in the corner.

Look for yuccas for decorating your living room. And then, place it right in the corner.

Some plants are featured within the design of this room. Their height is moderate and they work as a filler of the space between the sitting area and the insert which is close to the fireplace. This room has big windows that let through a lot of light.
Traversing this article, you meet this minimalistic living room with a plant in a pot – it fills the empty space. One of the strong suits of plants is that they bring life and vividness into this room without sacrificing its simplicity and inner beauty. Plants highlight them.

2. Use two paints on your walls

Two different colors on a wall can make a difference

They coexist together, in a single room – orange and grey; the warm and the cold.

If you paint your walls a second color a few inches from the ceiling, your room will look smaller and more homelike. If you want to obtain the reverse effect and make your room look larger and open, you should paint it a couple of inches onto your ceiling. It really works!
You can also add a wall in an accentuating, warm color to enhance that feeling of coziness. The dusky red wall behind the fireplace surely enhances the nice look of this area. It would be a wonderful place where you could spend rainy days.

3. A coffee table? Choose an ottoman!

Use a plush and soft ottoman to unveil the new dimension of coziness in your living room. You can use them as foot rests and, if you add a tray, they can be perfect coffee tables too. Some ottomans have storage space inside them where you can put your small items such as handkerchiefs or pillows.
You can see a stylish, button-tufted ottoman with a rectangular shape which serves as a coffee table in the picture. It works better than any coffee table – it is plush, not wooden, and adds a lot of warmth to this living room.

Such a white ottoman will serve you well as a coffee table
You can also use an ottoman in a warmer color which will make your room look brighter and will make a contrast to the darker, wooden furniture. It is a good place to sit or rest your legs on, plus it creates an elegant addition for your living space.

4. Give a new look to separate spaces with console tables

a console table with wicker in between the free space
Being very innovative pieces of furniture, console tables are versatile and if you press them against walls or other objects in your room, they will be separating areas of your open space or they will work as barriers for your sittings.
This console table has been made of wood and gives you a lot of storage space. It makes a fence and separates the sitting place and the free space. The furniture isn’t stuck next to the walls and provides you with an intimacy) that couldn’t be gained in any other way.

5. A large sectional will make your room filled – and your expectations will be fulfilled!

A sectional sofa spices up a spacious living room

How about adding pizzaz to your spacious living room with a sectional sofa?

A spacious living room requires specific furniture. Its designers may equip it with a large, sectional sofa because it creates a comfortable place to rest and makes the area look appealing, warm and intimate.
You can see a matt sofa which has a graphite color. It is large and perfectly sized – it serves its purpose and fills the empty space. It is worth noticing that the furniture doesn’t touch the walls and the designers have used house plants to cover the void.

6. Natural light is fundamental!

Your living room can be more inviting if it gets a proper amount of natural light. You can’t underestimate the value of good natural lighting; its lack makes living rooms look depressing and restricted. An appealing living room isn’t dark. We recommend you to have your windows unveiled so you keep your interiors bright and full of natural light.

Large sliding doors create a welcoming impression
The large, sliding doors that lead to the garden have windows near the ceiling and let light in – this living room is bright and captivating. It is a perfect place to spend your afternoon. The right amount of light allows you to read books without being worried about straining your eyes. Bright spaces make you less depressed too.

7. Make your living room an intimate place

Does your living space stay quiet? If you don’t have many guests at your home, you may like to add some intimate elements to your living room. Guests like to create small groups during parties. Add chaise lounges, ottomans and the piano to create an illusion of a mystery.

a room divided in two areas
This living room is divided into three areas which will be ideal for two or three people. You can see that the designers of this room used a frosted-glass room divider, minimalistic, two suede chairs and a cozy fireplace.

8. Throwing blankets will do the job!

Warm colors and textures can be added by some throw blankets. They also create the atmosphere of home – your guests will feel natural and cozy. These lovely additions are perfect when it gets a bit colder and you just want to embrace yourself with something plush.
Some vivid splashes of color are marked by these blankets – you can use them everywhere and your guests will surely know how to treat them! They add the unique look of this living room – it is very homelike and welcomes everyone with an open feel.

Throw a lemon-yellow blanket on your armchair to emphasise the contrast

This cozy blanket is very thick. It may not contribute with its color to the neutral color scheme of this room, but it brings an exceptional texture which catches one’s sight. You can curl up and embrace this soft piece of material and watch TV during winter evenings when you are alone at home.

9. Intimate seating groups may be the thing you are looking for

Long and spacious living rooms may demand a bit of intimacy. Now you can have it. Here is our tip: create seating groups. Use chaise lounges and love seats. They are the hottest items of this season! You won’t be able to notice this room’s largeness without looking at the seating.
An archway separates this large room into two different sitting areas. It is worth highlighting that the chair’s and sofa’s positions are placed in the scheme of a rectangle – it helps you and your guests maintain eye contact with each other.

A well divided seating area in a living room
This room doesn’t use an archway to divide it to two seating areas. You can easily distinguish them though They are arranged in two different ways and there is a table between them which marks the border. They use sofas, armchairs and ottomans to create an atmosphere of coziness.

10. Personalize your space with bookshelves and books

Books can give you an aura of comfort. You can add bookshelves in your living room – they fill free space and are easy to use in places where the furniture is distanced from the walls. They will sign your living space with a unique mark – people will know that it is yours because books allow you to express yourself better than anything else!

How to personalize and add coziness to your room with a built-in-bookshelf?
Full of various books, these built-in bookshelves make a statement! The owners of this living room have managed to attach a big screen TV to the bookshelves. This space is very personalized and has the spirit of one’s home – unique and filled with life, it is a place where many people would like to spend their time.
If you don’t have a large collection of books, you can arrange your things in this way and accent them with a bunch of knick-knacks. There is a pinch of art – you can see the artworks fixed to the empty shelves.

11. Use your personal photos

You can make your living space look cozier and more inviting if you add family photos. It will help you personalize your living room – it will feel that it belongs to you. It is the reason why you are always asked to remove your family photos when you are trying to sell your house.

personal photos and books look amazing in this set

Filled with books and family photos, the shelves on either side have been built into the wall, as well as the photograph which is located above the mantle. These personal items let you mark that this room is yours.

12. Floor and table lamps can work on your beautiful home’s decor

An ideal pairiing of floor and table lamps
A lamp will add an inviting, warm glimmer to your living space which is the best thing to create a unique atmosphere, especially during the evening hours. When the night comes, you close your shades so your neighbors stare at the interiors of your home – you can keep your place bright with lamps.


This mix of floor and table lamps makes sure that the sitting areas are well-lit, so you don’t tire your eyes when you try to read during evenings and your conversations stay vivid instead of provoking yawning.

13. From floor to ceiling – expand your curtains

Are you looking for an ideal way to warm up your home’s design with rich colors? Floor to ceiling curtains can do the job! They also make a small room look larger – you give it additional inches in order to expand its length.

These curtains expand the length of this already cozy room

With a lot of additional warmth and the light color palette of this room, these curtains make the walls be lengthened.

14. Knick-knacks and accents can bring an air of intimacy

Choose your beloved piece from your assemblages and display them on the shelves to create a new personality of your living room which will be full of warmth. If your living room is expected to feel like yours, it should be cozy. Make it cozy with your personal items!

Sculptures and artwork underlining the coziness

You can notice the amazing display of the artworks and sculptures with an air of exotic regions. They are placed on the mantle and shelves which surround the fireplace and the center of this room. There are books on the coffee table and an exotic trug which can be used for storing fruit.

15. An area rug can warm your space up!

Contemporary and modern designs like tile and wooden floors – they are really popular. But frankly, nothing will be better than an area rug if you want to brighten up a chic floor and bring an air of coziness into your living space. Choose your own rug – you will love it!

Choose an area rug with the pattern of your choice

Get a plush rug if you aim at adding texture to your living room. When you want to attract attention or have more vivid color scheme of your space, you should choose a rug with an interesting pattern.

16. Use warmer colors in your room

Your living room will look more inviting if you use a palette of warmer colors. They will make it look brighter, bigger, and full of life. You will love the new color scheme of your space – it will make a difference and will be noticeable. Your guests will admire your sophisticated taste even more.

Taupe walls with dark furniture and yellow pillows

Taupe stays in the tone of cold colors but it highlights the warmth of the yellow pillows and the saturation of the pieces of art on the walls. It warms this room, without a doubt. The wooden piece of furniture have rich brown color which is very visible.

17. Bring some comfy, plush pillows

A leather sofa can gain color and warmth if you use some vividly colored or patterned pillows. Choose the super plush ones and use a lot of them. You, your family and your guests will love them! They mark your space and are fancy, personalized additions.

such a great number of pillows make the room cozier

Looking small, this living room’s designers have used a lot of pillows which add the color that this place longs for. They make it look cozy and personal, and you have that opportunity to rest on them. Your kids may find many ways of use for them!

The simple setting of this room is enriched by a great amount of pillows. They attract attention and make the sofa and the chaise look less neutral. Their decorative patterns are gentle but you can see their satin textures, plush body and how much these little things can change your living space.

18. Add something exotic to your living space

If you add exotic and unexpected pieces of furniture to your living room, it will gain a new personality – and you will like it. You will be amazed how inviting your living room will be if you will decide to use these new ways of accentuating your space.

so many exotic and unfitting elements. And yet, they go in harmony together.

This rustic, contemporary living room has some surprising additions such as a hunting trophy, an enormous landscape paintinh, and a gas lamp. These elements don’t harmonize with each other. It creates a
unique effect of imbalance – but in this case, it works pretty well!

19. Fix some artworks on your wall

Fear not these artistic things! They will make your living room look better. A portrait or a sculpture can be the center of your room if you choose it well. There are so many possibilities. You can use paintings, knick-knacks, handmade tapestries or exotic canvases to make your living room look chic.

Give your walls some pizzaz by adding a huge print on them

A large print reigns over the wall. It won’t fall through the cracks – its display is just perfect. It draws attention from the somber, gray sectional sofa. The pillows and the plants add a splash of color to this place.

20. Layer Materials and Patterns

You can achieve a visually stimulating and interesting living room by playing with complementary patterns and materials.

Contrast your grey walls with bricks and chevron-patterned pillows

Contrast your grey walls with bricks and chevron-patterned pillows

Like so, here we have bricks contrasting with a patterned gray wall in subtly painted stencil. As a final touch, low profile pieces of furniture are layered with pillows of various patterns.

21. Stunning Pops of Accent Colors

This trick works especially well in tall living rooms, where a visually intense pop of color can make the room feel more intimate and filled by grabbing the attention and keeping it there.

the pops of dark colors make contrast with the neutral backdrop

Here, the olive-green color on the walls contrasts with the black sofa, vibrant paintings, and the set of mixed pillows. Finally, the rug of matching texture and color completes the set. However, the used colors can be a little more subtle, if placed in a soft white and smooth textured room.

22. Make Use of Wall Space

As a rule of thumb, blank walls should be decorated, as not doing so is a wasted opportunity. Here, you can decorate them with group art, photographs, paintings or perhaps other items to be hanged on the wall, to give it a more personal look.

Manage your wall space by adding some modern, minimalistic frames with your personal pictures

Manage your wall space by adding some modern, minimalistic frames with your personal pictures

23. Decorate with Flowers

A great way to add a more lively touch to your living room is by placing floral arrangements, such as houseplants, which should add some warmth and color to the room, whilst also lending it a fresh touch. Here, the floral arrangements bring a richer look to the soft beige living room, keeping it at the same time within style and playing with the overall look of the room.

A beige living room, decorated with a bouquete of white roses

24. Don’t Leave Your Mantle Bare

In the case of spacious rooms, it is of key essence to decorate with complementary pieces. These should be interesting but not visually stimulating, keeping within the overall flow of the room. This will add a more warm and inviting feel to your room, instead of being perceived as open and empty. Attention to details not only reflects the home’s design scheme and feel better, but also tells us about the owner’s personality.

Always remember not to keep your mantle empty

25. Group Similar Items Together

Similarity goes well with symetry
When decorating and adding items to the room, take special care to keep items of similar shape and style together. This will make your room feel balanced and organized. In this room each area has grouped together items that are alike in one way or another, be it shape, color, material or function. The end result is a sensible room that is stimulating and cozy without appearing uncared for.


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