Hillary Clinton: “If I Became a President, I Would Be Seen As a Genius”! Read what she said about President Trump

The fact that Hillary Clinton did not succeed in capturing the presidency in her second attempt was clearly a breaking point for her, from which she has not yet recovered. While promoting her book, she called herself a “Genius” and made some very odd announcements about what life would have been like for both her and Americans if she had won.

In an interview with the New York’s WNYC, the ‘humble’ Hillary went so far as to say that Americans would have considered her a “Genius” if she had won the election. This came as a response to the interviewer asking Clinton if American voters’ overfamiliarity with her through her husband could have hurt her chances.

Many people have come to a conclusion that Hillary Clinton had already lost her mental sharpness many years ago. But, any lingering doubts about whether Hillary has crossed the point of no return by now were eliminated after the release of her bizarre, narcissistic book ‘What Happened’.

“Well, I thought it was pretty revolutionary that I was the first woman to have a realistic chance of becoming a President. So, I do not know any woman who is not familiar to people, since we have so many hurdles to overcome, could have even been in that position that I found myself,” said Hillary.

Hillary then went on to state, “So if I won, you know, I would have been seen as a genius, my campaign would have been seen as perfect. I understand all of that.”


5 Replies to “Hillary Clinton: “If I Became a President, I Would Be Seen As a Genius”! Read what she said about President Trump”

  1. this old blowhard, really she things she is a “Genius”. my god will someone close to her please bitch slap her one time for me. I mean wake the hell up, how many scandals, and getting 4 Americans killed, but she wont take credit for that. its time she flows back into the slime which she came out of.

  2. You cannot make a liar , law breaker, and murder, and this person wants to be president
    I don’t think so.she should be in Prison

  3. She is soooo far gone. She really thinks she is still popular. Guess she forgot that she didn’t even have a secure computer on her last job. That’s really brilliant.

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