Hillary and Obama can be arrested for TRESON! But, Trump what he said caused a shock … Read what he said

Donald Trump has the boldness to ask so anyone can hear for what good reason American laborers dependably get the short end of the stick? Great inquiry.

We are sure that Trump will address what happened to the right around billion dollars given in a fixed no-offer contract to school companions of Michele Obama at remote organizations to construct the deficient Obamacare sites. By how tab is presently up to $5 billion.

Trump will inquire as to whether Obamacare’s draftsmen can be accused of misrepresentation for offering it by lying. He will inquire as to whether Obama himself submitted extortion when he stated, “On the off chance that you like your medicinal services design, you can keep it.”

Trump will explore Obama’s broad IRS scheme, also Obama’s school records.

Trump will arraign Hillary Clinton and Obama for misrepresentation resolved to conceal Benghazi before the decision.

What about the misrepresentation submitted by representatives of the Labor Department when they made up dramatic employment numbers in the last occupations report before the 2012 race.

Obama, the multi-national companies and the media need to stop this. They perceive this could gain out of power. In the event that left unchecked telling the crude truth and making inquiries every other person is reluctant to ask, Donald could wake a dozing goliath.

Trump’s race would be a bad dream. Obama has carried out numerous violations. Nobody else however Donald would set out to arraign. Donald Trump won’t waver. When Donald gets in and gets a glance at “the cooked books” and Obama’s records, the amusement is finished. The gig is up. The goose is cooked.

Eric Holder could end up in jail. Valerie Jarrett could end up in jail. Obama bundler Jon Corzine could end up in jail for losing $1.5 billion of client cash.

Hillary Clinton could end up in prison for erasing 32,000 messages … or tolerating rewards from outside governments while Secretary of State … or for “losing” $6 billion as head of State Department … or for lying about Benghazi.

The whole upper level administration of the IRS could end up in jail. Obamacare will be defunded and disassembled. The Obama Crime Family will be arraigned for violations against the American individuals. Also, Obama himself could end up destroyed, his heritage shredded.

Trump will investigate. Trump will indict. Trump will follow everybody included… only for the sake of entertainment.

That is the reason why everyone is after Donald Trump. That is the reason we should all help Donald. This might be our exclusive shot at sparing America, revealing the violations submitted against our country and arraigning those included.


10 Replies to “Hillary and Obama can be arrested for TRESON! But, Trump what he said caused a shock … Read what he said”

  1. I hope you prosecute Hillary * Obumer to the fullest. They both should be hung from a tree by their neck.
    McCain is an evil ole fool who needs to be put out of Washington forever.

    1. Trump is not neglecting this. He is gathering all fraud illegal trades with the enemy. Don,t worry he will get it done. He knows obummer and hillary are filthy traitors. He will act when he is satisfied he has all the evidence they can,t squirm out of with their costly lawyers they hire/

  2. I back you 100 % but I’m tired of waiting for these criminals to pay ! Obama and Hillary deserve to be shot before a firing squad! But be sure to send them to Gitmo and water board them to get all their co conspirators to destroy our country!

  3. Put Killory, Obama-Osama and their associates in Prison for life … death row sentence

  4. We all see a lot of these posts i believe obama and killery need charged with capital treason which carries being hung by the neck till dead. It’s just a question will it ever happen.

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