Eric Trump Just Unleashed Secret Weapon That Will Ruin The Democrats and Mueller

President Trump’s son Eric, who is currently running the Trump businesses with brother Donald Trump Jr, gave a message to We the People that elected Trump last November.

Eric sent an email to Trump supporters after the recent indictments of former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort and his associate Rick Gates to assure them that President Trump has nothing to do with these allegations, despite the liberal media falsely saying he does.

“I know you know the truth.”

This was the most important message to supporters of the President in this time when liberals are foaming at the mouth trying to pin something on the least corrupt president this country has ever seen.

“There’s new opposition against my father and this Administration every day. The mainstream media continues to play politics, creating division and turning the American people against one another. But as a loyal supporter of our movement, I know you know the truth.”

Those of us who truly support President Trump aren’t fooled by the liberal media’s narrative and constant accusations that are completely baseless.

“My father has spoken out time and time again against those who have tried to bring this country down, and will always do so to protect hardworking Americans whose values have been forgotten by Washington.”



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