BREAKING: Chelsea Clinton To Turn State’s Evidence In Exchange For Immunity

Chelsea Clinton, who has been paid more than $60 million to be the president of a “charity,” has come to an agreement with federal prosecutors to avoid the flood of prosecution headed her way. As the head of the Clinton Foundation, she has a lot to answer for.

According to our sources outside the mainstream media, Clinton has been working with the FBI for months to aid in the takedown of her parents and their global crime spree. The probe into the uranium the Foundation moved to Russia under the Obama administration has already uncovered $400 million in cash that supposedly went to Iran in the coffers of privately owned companies.

If the sources are correct, and they always are, Chelsea Clinton will testify to save her future. She has two children and enough money for three lifetimes. After what she’s about to do, she’ll need to vanish or become the next in line for her own mother’s hitmen.

Other information the source says Chelsea may have knowledge of include human trafficking and the sex trade, raw opium refining to make heroin and to sell to pharmaceutical companies for pennies on the dollar, and weapons manufacturing and trade.

The US Attorney’s office is refusing to comment and the Defense Intelligence Agency says that any such investigation would include matters of national security and not to expect any kind of official statement or acknowledgment that any query into the matter exists at all.

Clinton’s attorneys are also refusing to return our calls, and the spokesman for Bill and Hillary Clinton, Art Tubolls, told us the couple isn’t at all concerned with whatever testimony their daughter is exchanging for immunity.

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