Minimalist Nude Landing Hangers by Soso Studio

Please enjoy this feature gallery of the Nude Landing Hanger by Soso Studio, a simple but beautiful coat rack for the modern age!

Here you can see the Nude Landing Hanger in a simple and modern design style.

Welcome to our gallery feature of the Nude Landing Hanger by Soso Studio!

The name, Nude Landing, represents the simplicity of overall design — laying bare the beauty of the wood grain for all to see and enjoy while the piecachieves just that and creates a piece that draws the eye but is not obtrusive to the rest of the room.

They wanted to create an environmentally friendly furniture piece and while this design is simple enough to create in a variety of materials, simple wooden posts were the way toe itself acts as a ‘landing’ zone for bags, coats, etc.

Traditionally coat racks are heavy, unwieldy things that you cover up to avoid looking at.

Designers Wenjiao Shen and Ruiqiong Huang from Soso Studio wanted to change this with a design that was both clean looking as well as visually engaging and pleasing to the eye.

The illusion of the wood twisting around each othergo in achieving this worthy goal.

Two different finishes are available, though on the designers site you can view some of the limited editions that they created for people who backed their project.

You can buy the Nude Landing Hanger here, and even see the assembling instructions, so easy that they were able to display them with a simple animated gif.

We hope that you enjoy this product and the informative look at we can offer you.


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